How do I set up a team?

Click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button on the home screen (www.bragbet.com) and follow the steps outlined.

How do I play?

At BragBet we offer two ways to play:
1. You can play as a team. Once the team is set up you then invite your mates to join you and the fun can begin. Or…
2. You can play individually, as you would on any traditional betting site.

Can I be on more than one BragBet team?

Yes. There is no limit to the amount of teams you can join.

Can I place my own bets on events or suggestions I like?

Yes, you can. If you have funds in your individual account, you can place an individual bet from anywhere on the site. Simply pick an event, choose your winner, and place your iBet via the pop up.
Alternatively, you can go to your ‘team selection widget’ on the left hand side of your page, select your individual iBet account and all bets placed from this account will be iBets.

Can I tell my team about my bets?

Individually placed bets will be posted as suggested bets for the team captain of any teams you’re on. You can also just suggest bets to the team that you think might be worth a punt without having to place a bet yourself.

How do I change between my BragBet teams?

If you are a member of more than one BragBet team or you wish to switch between your individual iBet and Team, you can switch between them by clicking on the arrow located on the right of the team name (upper left corner of the team wall). From the drop down menu you can then select between your different teams.

What is the stake?

The stake is the amount that each player puts into the team pot.

How do I see who is on my team?

If you click the team avatar within the team widget (upper left corner of team wall), you can see all the team members and related team information.

How is the team wallet different from my personal wallet?

If you navigate to the wallet page, you will see the balances for all the accounts you have with BragBet. The balances shown here reflect your own money. In the ‘team widget’ you will also see the word ‘wallet’ mentioned. This is different. The wallet value shown here is the portion of the team funds that a captain can bet in a given week.

How does the ‘team wallet’ work?

Each week the team captain is given 50% of the total team funds with which to bet. For example, if there is a balance of €400 in the team fund, the captain that week would have €200 with which to bet.

Can I adjust the captain’s fund?

The amount of money each team member contributes is set when the team is created, the percentage of the team fund that the captain can bet with is set at 50%. To be fair to each team member this cannot be adjust once the game has commenced.

How do I place a bet?

There are several ways to place a bet.
iBet: Select an event, enter your stake in the iBet window, and your individual iBet will be placed on your chosen runner.
Team bet: If you are captain of your team, you can place bets on behalf of your team using the same bet dialogue. Just fill out the team stake instead of the iBet stake and boom, you’re done.
From a suggestion in the betslip: Once a suggestion has been made by a team member, it will appear on the team wall and in your team betslip. Any team member can then bet on the suggestion from the betslip. You can do this individually and also as captain.

What is a suggestion?

A suggestion is the recommendation of a bet to be made on behalf of the team. It does not require you to put money down. You can suggest bets to your team captain ad part of the bet dialogue. Any iBets mdd from your team view will also be automatically suggested to your teammates.

How do I make a suggestion?

Selecting ‘Bets’ in the title menu will take you to our betting page. In the panel on the left hand side you can review all the online betting markets currently available to you. Once you see a bet you like just click on the odds. You can place a comment to let your team know the thinking behind your suggestion and slide the chip at the bottom to let them know how confident you are. Then hit the red 'Suggest' button.

Can I bet ‘In-Play’?

Yes. On our Bets page we feature live betting in our event selection accordion as a separate selectable event type. Also, within specific sports, live events are selectable.

Can I bet more than the allocated wallet?

No, the team captain can only bet up to the amount available in the team wallet (i.e. 50% of the team fund). An individual player can bet on their own behalf using funds from their iBet wallet.

Can I invite new members to the team at any point? How is their contribution managed?

Yes, you can add new members at any stage using the Email or Facebook buttons on the team page. Simply send an email to the friends you want to invite or tag them in a Facebook post. Each time a new member is added their contribution is added to the pot and the current captain’s fund is adjusted accordingly.

How do I reduce the emails that are sent to me?

If you click on settings in the top right of the page you can select which notifications you wish to have emailed to you.

Can I edit a post or suggestions?

Suggestions are like bets, as the markets change once it is placed it would be unfair to team members if we allowed these be adjusted. Currently it is not possible to adjust posts.

Can I modify a bet after it is made?

No. Bets are locked in to the system as soon as they are placed.

Can I see how my suggestions performed?

Yes. By clicking on your name in the tipster leader board you are taken to your tipster page, here you can see all your suggestions and their results (regardless of whether they were selected by the captain).

What does the captaincy % mean?

Your captaincy performance is calculated as the amount of money you returned divided by the amount of money you were given, this gives your captaincy percentage. This is calculated each time one of your results comes in.

How are betting results calculated?

Winnings are all based on the decimal odds. Money returned is the amount of money bet multiplied by the decimal odds. Amount of money returned includes the bet stake. Therefore decimal odds are never less than or equal to 1.

What do I do if my favourite sports are not included in the Bet Xplorer?

Please let us know using the Support tab on the right of the screen and we will endeavour to have them added.

How do I search for suggestions?

Simply go to our bets page and above the ‘Top Bets’ widget is a search box that allows you to search for your favourite by name.

How are the tipsters rated? How is that number beside my name calculated?

When you make a suggestion, you also suggest a virtual amount for that suggestion, each suggestion is considered a virtual bet of this amount, and is calculated in the same way as a bet. The return differs in one small way, in that it only displays the winnings, as there is no stake debited unlike bets.

How do I see more detail in my Tipster graph?

Just hover your mouse over a select point on the graph and the details will be displayed.

Can I reset my tipster stats?

Your tipster stats are how the rest of your team can judge your performance, resetting these are not allowed. But they are tied to your team, therefore if you join another team you start again from scratch.

What is the difference between the tipster and captain stats?

How well you perform as captain and how well your suggestions are performing are kept separately. And hence are represented on separate screens, you can select between these using the tabs at the top of the page.

I forgot my login details, what should I do?

Click on the Log In button and press on “Forgot password”. Enter your e-mail address and we’ll send you an e-mail with details on logging in again.

Can I close my account?

Yes. To close your account please log a ticket with customer support. You can do this by clicking the 'feedback' tab on the right of the BragBet site or by using this link

Understanding your BragBet Leaderboard Score

Within BragBet you have two distinct scores as a Tipster and as a Captain. Now we’re going to explain how scoring for each of these work so you can make sure you’re doing all that you can to stay top of the leaderboard and earn those bragging rights!

Your Captain’s Score

Each week the Team Captain has half of the team fund available to bet with in the “Wallet”. When a bet is placed the funds used will be debited from the wallet until the result of the bet comes in. If you backed a winner the wallet will be credited with your winnings and the amount wagered. This new figures will then be available to bet with.

Your performance as Captain is also reflected as a percentage or score. This percentage is adjusted as the bets you place come in, either winning or losing. Each time you’re captain you’ll start out with a score of 100% for that week and this percentage will increase or decrease, along with the wallet, to reflect how you’re doing. Remember that once you’ve placed a bet, like the wallet, your percentage will also drop until the result of the bet comes in.

The ‘Team Captains’ Leaderboard uses this percentage score to rank the performance of each captain. Each time you’re captain your final percent for your week as captain will be taken and averaged out to give you an overall score over time. So don’t worry if you have a bad week, you can always make it up the next captaincy!

Click on any name on the ‘Team Captains’ leaderboard to see how each captain’s scored, their statistics, the events they bet on, and any suggestions they took.

Your Tipster’s Score

Each time you make a suggestion on BragBet you have the option to wager virtual chips, known as BragBet chips. These virtual chips are separate from your team funds and are used to keep track of your tipster score. You can wager anywhere from 1 to 10 of these BragBet Chips on each bet you suggest. There is no limit to the amount of suggestions you can make or the number of BragBet chips that you have to wager.

Every time you make a suggestion on BragBet you can show how confident you are by the number of BragBet chips you’d like to place on the bet you’re suggesting. BragBet chips are virtual chips, entirely separate to your team fund, and they allow the captain and other team members to see how confident you are in your suggestions. You can suggest anywhere from 1 to 10 BragBet chips for each bet suggestion.

Your tipster score is calculated based on the number of BragBet chips you suggest and the odds offered. For example if you suggest placing 10 BragBet chips on a bet at odds of 2/1 and it wins, you’ll earn 20 tipster points. However if your bet doesn’t come in you lose 10 tipster points.

You’ll earn or lose tipster points on all your bet suggestions, whether or not the captain chooses to place a bet on your suggestion. So to keep your tipster score high, suggest lots of winning bets, at good odds and be brave in how many BragBet chips you’re willing to wager on your suggestions. There’s no limit on BragBet chips or the number of bet suggestions you can make, so keep the tips coming!

To take a closer look at your Tipster score, or your team mates’ scores, simply click on a name on the ‘Tipsters’ leaderboard on the team wall. You’ll then be able to view that tipster’s stats page, the breakdown of their tipster score, sports breakdown and a host of other information.

Overall Team’s Leaderboard

The ‘Leaderboard’ shows how your team is doing against the other teams playing on BragBet. Similar to the Team Captains percent, the Team percent is the average of your team performance over time in comparison to other BragBet teams.

Depositing & Withdrawing Funds

How do I make a deposit?

To make your initial deposit you must first set up a betting account. Once this step is completed, you will be directed to the ‘Betting Account’’ page where you can deposit funds via debit/credit card.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is €1.

How long does a deposit take to show in my account?

Once you have deposited funds they will appear in your BragBet account within seconds.

What payment options are available?

Currently we accept funds and process withdrawals via credit card and debit card.

Can I transfer money to another team member?

It is not possible to transfer money within BragBet. If you need to transfer funds to a teammate, this can be done direct to your mate via cash or bank transfer.

Can I deposit and withdraw money through the BragBet iPhone App?

Yes, you can use the BragBet iPhone app to deposit and withdraw funds as well as create a team and place bets.

What currencies can I deposit in?

Currently BragBet supports Euro and Sterling and Dollars.

Do BragBet have any exchange rate charges?

No, BragBet do not charge for currency exchanges as these are done by your debit / credit card provider.

How do I make a withdrawal from my BragBet account?

To make a withdrawal you must first click on the ‘Wallet’ menu item, located to the top of the BragBet wall. From here you can click on the ‘Withdraw’ option. In order to make your funds available for withdrawal, you will need to transfer them to your iBet account, which can be done from the ‘Wallet’ page using the ‘Transfer’ button.

What happens when I leave a team?

All pending bets associated with that team are transferred to your iBet account. If you are currently captain of a team you cannot leave a team until your captaincy completes.

*Note: If you transitioned from a classic BragBet account (joint betting account), the following information pertains to you. Previously the person who set up the team would have become the Team Manager and have responsibility for all the team funds. Since the 16th July 2013 all players now have individual betting accounts, allowing them access to their own funds. If your team was created before that date, the Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that the remaining balance of each player is returned to him.

How long does a withdrawal take?

Withdrawals are processed as soon as you request them. If you withdraw via credit / debit card it takes between 1-5 days depending on the financial institution.

Is there a limit to how much I can cash out?

No, there is no limit to how much you can cash out from your account. You will always have access to the proportion of the pot that you are entitled to.

Are my funds secure?

Yes. All funds are held in a segregated account and will never be used for any operational expenses. This insures that we can fulfil any financial obligation to our players at any time. It also means that your funds are always secure with BragBet.

Betting Account

Why do I need a betting account?

A betting account is a legal requirement before you can place bets.

How do I set up a betting account?

If you have signed up, but have not already set up a betting account, please go to your wallet page where you will be prompted with the remaining steps necessary to complete your account set up. If you are on your wall, you also see an actionable button on your wall that will take you to the same step and allow you to progress your account setup.

What does ‘your bet has been rejected’ mean?

There are two main reasons a bet will be rejected: a) There is insufficient funds in your BragBet account b) The event is already underway or has been cancelled If your bet has been rejected and you believe neither of these to be the case, please contact us and we will assist you in resolving the issue.

How long does it take for a bet to be settled?

Bets are generally settled within minutes of an event concluding. In some rare instances, in order for us to uphold the accuracy of the results, there may be a slight delay as we seek official confirmation.

How do I know if my bet won?

If your bet wins, you and all of the other team members will receive an email notifying you about the win. In addition a winning bet message will appear on the main wall. These messages will display the amount bet, the odds the bet was placed at and the total return gained.

How does a non-runner or cancelled event affect my account?

If an event is cancelled or there is a non-runner, the bet will be cancelled and the amount wagered will be returned to your team wallet.

Where can I view my bets?

Bets placed by your team will show in the top right hand corner of the team wall under the Activity widget.

How can I change between fractional and decimal odds?

Changing between fractional and decimal odds can be done under the ‘Preference’ tab in your settings. You can access your settings via the ‘Settings’ button located beside your avatar on the BragBet wall.

Can I set a deposit limit on my account?

Yes. To set a deposit limit on your account you must go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Responsible Gaming’.

Can I self-exclude myself from betting?

Yes. The option to exclude yourself from betting is located on the ‘Settings’ page, under the Responsible Gaming tab.

Team Manager

What is a Team Manager and what do they do?

The team manager is the user who initially sets up the BragBet team. The team manager also has the power to change the order of the team captaincy.

How do I change the captaincy order?

To change the captaincy order you must first go to the team page. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Team’ button located on the left of the BragBet wall. To change the order of the team captain you must click on the arrow located to the right of the team member.

How do I remove a team member?

To remove a team member the manager must first go to the ‘Team’ page. Once here the manager clicks on the ‘X’ beside the players name to remove them from the team.

Team Captain

What is a Team Captain?

The team captain is the team member who gets to decide what the team bets on each week.

How does the Team Captaincy work?

Each week one of the team members becomes the team captain and has the final say on what bets get placed on behalf of the team. The captaincy works on a rotational basis with a different team member taking over the responsibility each week. If there are four players on a team, each member will become the team captain once every four weeks.

Is it possible to change the captaincy order?

Yes, but only the team manager has the power to change the order of the captaincy.

How do I place a bet?

The team captain can place a bet by selecting any bet suggestion, or creating a suggestion themselves, and then clicking on the ‘Bet’ button displayed beside it. The captain will be asked to confirm the amount to be wagered on the bet. If you’re not this week’s team captain you will have to wait for your turn before placing bets.

What is the minimum amount I can place on a bet?

The minimum amount you can place on a bet is €1.

What is the maximum amount I can place on a bet?

The team captain is given 50% of the team fund at the start of the week, they can bet all of this wallet on anything they wish. If the captain has 100 in the wallet at the start of the week, they can place up to 100 on a bet. If they place a bet for 10 they will then have up to 90 to place on a bet and so on. If they start the week with 100 and place a bet of 10 at 2/1 and the bet comes in they will then have 120 in the wallet to bet. The amount available to the team captain changes depending on the result of bets placed during the week.